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  • 11/2016 Jacob Foard's Organizing Conference Reprot
    Updated On: Jan 31, 2017



    Guest speaker Emily Timm Senior organizing director of Workers Defense Project.

    Emily spoke about her organization and their efforts in Texas to raise awareness in the construction industry on safety in the workplace and how working with Local 520 out of Austin Texas has been a huge success regarding getting laws in to legislation to further their efforts. She spoke on how Texas doesn’t have workers comp. and how 1 in every 5 construction workers in Texas gets injured on the job. Workers Defense Project is increasing their efforts to states across the southern US. They look forward to working with other locals because of their influence and willingness to help.

    Fundamental Communications with Gene Morrill

    Gene spoke on the ability to communicate with unrepresented workers and employers. Spoke on being able to go in to a conversation and having the ability to listen and respond on what is being said to you will give you the most opportunity to understand what is going on in the other persons mind and their concerns. Using the information that is being told to you to help you to continue the conversation and future conversations.


    Top down conversations with Employers

    1. Kirk Brungard Spoke about communication skills and how to use them effectively.
    • Use the Golden Rule
    • Listen
    • Preparation= Results
    • Top down organizing is HARD
    • Build Trust
    • No matter the situation how people feel about you matters more than what you must say.

    1. Empowering Member Organizers

    Amanda Pacheco spoke on the member to member and member to future member programs. The need for engaged members to be successful in helping the local union grow. To have a plan and to execute in a timely manner while your members are still motivated to help.


    Guest Speaker Jon Gordon author of The Energy Bus

    Jon spoke on positivity and the benefit of it in your life.

    Create a positive image. Set large goals supported with smaller goals. Take action every day. Make commitments. Feed the positive. Turn challenges in to opportunity. Hero or Victim your choice. Failure- Defines us or Refines us. Talk to yourself not listen to yourself.

    Top 3 ideas to Implement

    Negative thoughts- Don’t believe them. Confront the negativity.

    Leadership- A transfer of belief.

    4 C’s- Communicate- Connect- Commit- Care

    Our Positivity must be Greater than all the Negativity

    Leave A Legacy- from your hard work not your EGO



    1. Keys to persuasion

    Kirk Brungard Spoke on some principals of persuasion

    • Consistently talk to people about themselves
    • Reciprocity compels
    • Persistence pays off
    • Compliment sincerely- hunger to be appreciated
    • Set expectations
    • Don’t assume
    • Create scarcity
    • Create urgency
    • Tell the truth
    • Build rapport
    • Be flexible
    • Transfer energy- Be positive
    • Communicate clearly
    • Be prepared
    • Trust your emotions
    • Confidence and certainty.

    1. Controlling the availability of skilled labor

    Organizers of local 98 spoke on the problems with staffing agencies and non-union hiring halls. They are using some legal ways to keep them out of the area by sending in union hands that admit to being union and then sending in guys that don’t say that they are union and when they hire the guys that don’t say that they are union over the guys that say they are union they file unfair hiring practices with the NLRB.


    Guest speaker Jon Fussel US Navy Seal

    Jon spoke on hard work and perseverance.  How he used them to become a Navy Seal and how to use them in life to get what you want.

    Ricky Oakland, Assistant to the IBEW International President for Membership Development

    In closing Ricky and everyone that spoke tried to drive home the serious need for organizing not to grow our market share but sustain what market we have left. The importance of getting our members involved in the IBEW and Delivering Our Message to every person working in the electrical field. The IBEW Constitution states that we are to organize all workers in the entire electrical industry in the United States and Canada, including all those in public utilities and electrical manufacturing, into local unions.

    I want to thank Russ and the membership for the opportunity to attend the 2016 Membership Development Conference and look forward to using what I learned to further our organizing efforts in the future.

    In Brotherhood

    Jacob Foard


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